Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Sourthern Crisis--

   This is not to say that what has happened to the people isn't the FIRST & Most important concern presently.  (In my opinion,) The most heartbreaking thing is the poor people and the elderly, children, and people that are medically sick or retarded or have other serious mental problems

But it is still VERY nice to read about those that take care of pets that would otherwise die.  What is amazing about this whole critical situation, is the way people will come up with inventive ways to do hard  work, almost miracles for the sake of our four legged friends.   (I guess it should include birds, and animals like that as well.)   I hope many of your enjoy reading this.  I DID!!   God Bless America!  When one part of the USA has a crisis, other parts unite and give great parts of themselves-sometimes it's finacially, sometimes it's people who actually go to these poor areas.  I think we live in a unique and special country!  Never let it be said we don't take care of our own. Isn't this an amazing country?  Glory be to all who have given in any way! Merry
by Keri Kirby

      The Shreveport Times, August 29, 2005: Sitting safely in his
Shreveport home Sunday, Chris Riser flipped from channel to channel
listening to news of the disastrous and deadly potential of Hurricane Katrina.
      "They were saying the shelters will not take pets and they're turning
people away with pets," he said. "I was ready to rent a U-Haul and head to
New Orleans to save the pets that cannot go to the shelter."
      A pet owner himself, Riser said he could not imagine the additional
anguish of being forced to leave a pet behind.
      "It makes me feel very sad," he said. "If a hurricane hit here and I
had a choice of leaving my home and being safe and letting my animals die,
I'd stay with my children, which are my animals. I'd have to die with them.
I would not go to a shelter that would not take my children."
      Knowing that, Shreveport animal lovers are doing their part to
accommodate both two-and four-legged creatures displaced by the storm. The
Krewe of Barkus & Meoux, along with the Humane Society and several local
veterinarians organized a tent to shelter animals of those evacuees being
housed at the American Red Cross shelter in the LSUS Health and Physical
Education Building.
      "This is the first time we've had an animal shelter available to us,"
said Michelle Davidson with the northwest Louisiana chapter of the Red
Cross. "They've been growing just as fast as we are." And that's a relief
for both Davidson and the people she and Red Cross volunteers want to help.
      "That is often an obstacle for people to overcome when it comes to
getting them to evacuate," she said. "Unfortunately, we can't accept
animals (in Red Cross shelters)." Having their pets so close by has been a
great comfort for many evacuees, Davidson said.
      "They have appreciated the opportunity," she said. "A lot go out and
play with the animals to make them feel a little better and I think it
probably soothes them as much as the animals."
      Nancy Bardwell with the Northwest Louisiana Humane Society said the
community support of the evacuees and their pets has been tremendous.
      "We can accommodate a lot more than what's here," she said of the 30
animals including a parrot and a canary they were housing Sunday evening.
"If we run over, there are local animal shelters and horse stables that are
ready to step in and help. We've gotten so many donations, we can hold out
as long as we need to."
      The Caddo Commission's animal services division sent several cages to
the shelter at LSUS and also opened up its doors to help house evacuees'
pets. The parish began accepting dogs and cats free of charge about noon
Sunday and would continue to do so until they filled up the 60 vacancies
they had available, said Anita Mills, spokeswoman for the division.
      "The last time there was a major hurricane there were about 350
animals that came into the area. They all did not come in to the shelter"
Mills said. "But they're expecting many more than that this time because of
the severity of this storm."

This is a  message (ated 8/30/2005 8:56:18 PM Central Standard Time,) from    God's blessings on all of you who have helped in any way in this situation.

And Love to all your journal folks.

(Still another side of ) Merry

To all of us lucky ones out of harms way, "Today is enough just as it is."  (Yearly daily calendar, author unknown.)


lv2trnscrb said...

That is so neat that someone is taking care of the animals. They are all God's creations.

thanks for sharing this :)


madcobug said...

I am so glad someone is taking care of some of the animals. I read one report where they could hear the dogs and cats crying and barking in some of the homes that were flooded. That is so heartbreaking. It would just about kill me to have to leave my Jake behind to have to fend for himself.
Hope you have a good day Merry and thanks for that report. Helen