Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Bank robber

Oh boy, I have to tell you our latest news!  Yesterday we had a bank robbery in Mason City!  It was in the middle of the afternoon.  There was NO weapon used.  It was a male, 45-55, about 6'2, average build, graying hair.  (The guy looked average--they showed the "tape" that they had of him in line)  Anyway, he left the bank, escaped.  Mason City had police out, the sherriff was out, you name it, they were all after this dude.  They even had helocopters SP? out looking, but they did not find him. They do not know where he is from, do not think he had a record though.  This isn't the first time someone has tried to rob a bank here. Every few years someone does this; but they just "get away."  I can't believe the Mason City police!  It would be funny if it weren't such a serious thing!  So, if you ever want to "rob a bank" just come to Mason City.  ha ha   I had to tell you our BIG news! 

From "crime free" Mason City, IA
Love, Merry


madcobug said...

Guess I might need to come to Mason City and get myself some Christmas money LOL. Helen

gdireneoe said...

Wow!  Sounds like your very own winning lottery ticket!  LOL ;)  C.

lv2trnscrb said...

hope they catch him soon :)