Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Poor Husband

Dear Journal buddies, (especially those of you who I haven't written to, or heard from for a while)
I think you should know that my husband Dave had a pinched nerve in his neck/shoulder area,, and has been in terrible pain for a couple weeks.  He had an MRI Tuesday,  It took 2 tries to get through the test as he had so much pain even with valium and pain medication.
Well, then, Oh boy, the MRI Radiology Center phoned me this a.m. They said that Dave has to have his MRI  RETAKEN!  I feel so bad for him, he thought he was done with that and he's not!  They said the radiologist saw slight movement. (The pictures aren't clear enough for them.)   I said that Dave had so much pain, he'd had to try 2 times to get through the test even with valium and pain medication.  I told them I was so sorry to hear that, it is hard for Dave to do all this waiting and he has so much pain and doesn't yet have a test, doesn't have a clue as to what is wrong, he will have an apt. with his family doc after the test is done, or within the next 2 weeks. This entire thing is taking too long!  (in my opinion)  I feel so sorry for Dave.   They told me to tell Dave to tell them that when he rescheduled the apt. and that he wanted and NEEDED to get an IV Drip to KNOCK HIM OUT. or he'd probably "have slight movements forever"--he'd not get through the test.  I will be his driver, if I can. 
I don't know if he's really out, if I can "support" and handle him, and wonder about that, but I'll figure something out when the time comes. Dave was / is in Cedar Rapids, last night for his job. 
I did not know about him having to have this MRI done AGAIN when Dave called me last night!  He is supposed to be home tonight--if he can get through our snowstorm.  As you proably know from me telling you before, I had to get the IV to get through the MRI for my neck, and Dave had to practically carry me to the car and home.  Poor Dave, poor Dave.
They said to have Dave call and reschedule "at his earliest convenience."  That remark just GOT ME.  Doesn't anybody care how much pain he is in and how long this is taking??  He doesn't see Dr. Berge (family doc) for about 10 DAYS, or so I think. 
Will write more later,

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