Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Powers of Love

THE POWERS OF LOVE - A Heartwarmers.com Story
by Kathy Whirity

      By all accounts, the Powers' household was like any other in the
Mt. Greenwood community.
      With five daughters close in age, and a son, there was, no
doubt, never a dull moment for their patient parents.  And I thought
having two daughters less than two years apart was a challenge!
      Like any other family overflowing with females, they fought,
snuck each others clothes and, in coming of age years, shared the all
important teen-age secrets.  They supported each other in bad times
and shared the laughter in happy times.
      Not much has changed in the years since they have grown into
adults.  I recently read an empowering story about the Powers women.
      They have joined forces to fight breast cancer with what they
call Team KA-POW.  Membership to this team includes many friends and
family who support Annie and Kathleen, both cancer patients who are
dedicated to raising funds to find a cure for this dreaded disease.
      Breast cancer is not the only medical affliction affecting women
in the Powers family.
      Along with her mother Marilyn, Debbie frequently fights the
painful flare-ups that Rheumatoid arthritis brings.  However, it
doesn't divert her efforts to support the cause of cancer research on
behalf of her sisters.
      But there is another side to this story -- an inspiring show of
their sisterly love that is a profound example of sodality in
overcoming adversity.
      Kathleen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001.  Her sister
Annie would also be diagnosed with the same disease, one year later.
Sadly, in 2005, Kathleen's cancer was found to have spread to her
pelvis and spine, while Annie's breast cancer had also returned.
      Through the demands of dealing with cancer and undergoing the
rigorous chemo regimens to treat it, a story of pure love and hope is
born amid the medical challenges.
      For Annie the desire to become a mother never faded though it
seemed unlikely.  Medications and cancer treatments would prevent her
from becoming pregnant.  And then, the "Powers of love" shone
brightly on a promising situation.
      Annie wanted a baby of her own but wouldn't be able to carry
one.  But, her sister Mary could.  So Mary became a surrogate mother
for Annie -- an unselfish act of love that not many women would be
able to commit to.
      Little Mary Elise was born July 2, 2006, lovingly named after
the aunt who carried her, allowing her to grow right below her heart.
To her mom, Mary is a wee angel of pure love, an answered prayer from
God above.
      Sisters, they share many things throughout a life time.  They
celebrate good times and hold each other up when bad times threaten
to knock them down.  When family ties are sewn securely within the
heart, there is nothing that can't be done or overcome.
      In writing this story I am reminded of an old expression, "It's
not what life hands you but how you handle it that counts."
      The determination of these women is a gift of inspiration to us
all and a true testament to their parents, Marilyn and Gene Powers,
who can be so proud of raising such loving, caring and compassionate
      There is no denying the Powers of sisterly love.

                 -- Kathy Whirity    <kathywhirity @ yahoo.com>

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