Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lord, I am counting on you....

My days are hard lately.   Added to my pain problems, my psychiatrist is no longer practicing (here, anyway).  I call and call out of town doctors, who either aren't taking new patients or who aren't providers for our Insurance Company.  It seems I've hit a brick wall.  I have an appointment to see the one remaining psychiatrist in our little town, the end of December in case I can't find anyone someone anywhere else, but I don't  want to see him if I don't have to as he doesn't think my pain is an issue, and refuses to see that I have been on tons of drugs that don't work, and doesn't want to give me the only thing that does work (I have seen him before.)    I think the following is an appropriate and timely piece beautifully written.

Lord, I'm Counting On You........
I've fought a good fight
Done all I know to do
Lord, please lift this burden
I'm counting on you
My body is tired of this pain
My endurance is low
Please take my hand
Never let it go

I'm giving it to you Lord
You know what is best
I pray for my healing
Only you know what's in store
Many prayers have gone up
And stormed heaven's door
Your Word tells me, You are always there

Please hear my cry Lord
I am truly in despair
My faith has grown weak
Speak to my heart Lord
It's your face I now seek
Tell me Lord, my pain you share
Assure me Lord tell me
It is not more than I can bear

How many times I've given you things
Only to take them back again
And I am alone once more
To bear the pain
Help me Lord to just let it go
I know it is you that is in control
That your love will see me thru
Nothing is left now, what else Lord,
What else must I do

I know you will take care of me
And you know Lord,
I'm counting on you

© 2006 Gayle Alatia

I think this is simply beautiful!  If you are reading this, maybe this prayer can be of help to you, too, sometime.




stormie4851 said...

I am so sorry you are having this problem, I must have missed something along the way.  I didnt know that you were seeing a psychiatrist, I was in counciling for many years but with a psychologist with monthly visits to the psychiatrist for medications control.  My problem was anxiety and depression, I hope you can find someone soon.  Thank the Lord I am no longer in counciling..............Stormie

tpiez4me said...

Good girl for giving it to God....let Him take care of you.  

memes121 said...

One day at a time Merry. One day at a time. Tammy

nanmm11 said...

Hi Merry,
So sorry to hear about what you are going through. Its really hard sometimes to keep talking to the medical community that really don't listen to their patients.All you can do at this point I guess is to just keep talking to "them" and pushing forth your feelings.They forget that its your body and mind and know what it is you do need. My heart and prayers are with you.

valphish said...

Hi Merry!  I just caught up with a bunch of your posts =).  So sorry things are going so rough with your doc.  Blechk.  I will be saying prayers for you, honey.  I having gotten much in my email box from you.  Have you not written much or are you forgetting me?  LOL  I have missed you!!  Hope you are feeling a little bit better today, hon!  Love, Val xox