Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Parents

by Frank Cotter

The challenge taken from those who raised us
Nurtured hands that clapped to praise us

Supportive words that kept us steady
Help and guidance was always ready

Our steady gait they helped to fashion
Candied sweets they tried to ration

Protecting us from those who'd harm us
Strength and character enough to charm us

The rules and laws they tried to teach us
The times in vain they tried to reach us

Our youthful days they kept us spoiled
Their sacrifice through weekly toil

We eased into their working places
The burden erased from elder faces

Our youthful hands took plow and tiller
Doctor, lawyer and factory miller

We took the reins from tied drivers
Dedicated, lifetime strivers

Its now their time to rest and savor
To smell the air and taste each flavor

We owe our elders a taste of splendor
A life of hope thats warm and tender

           -- Frank P. Cotter   

<fcotter at andromeda.rutgers.edu>

I hope you all liked this one.  Merry



nanmm11 said...

How true this is and what a wonderful way to put it. thanks for sharing

seraphoflove9001 said...

Very true! Thank you for sharing! :o)