Monday, February 4, 2008

Please vote for fragrance name

I have been asked to post what to name a new fragrance a friend of friend of mine makes.  It's mysterious scent.  Different. I don't know how to describe it very well.  I will tell you this.  This person writes passionately in purples and blacks and reds.  That's why I voted the way I did. 

Now would  you please post in your journal what you would like to name this? It's for a nice person!  Thanks!


Well, thanks for everyone that polled in the 4 catagories, here is the FINAL POLL! The winning names recieves a 4oz Balm with there new Name, a Foot Scrubby Pad and a 2 oz Whipped Body Butter and a Lip Balm!!!!

PLEASE PAST THIS POLL AROUND IN YOUR JOURNAL! The more votes the BETTER! This Poll will end on Friday!!!!

Here goes.........


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fisherkristina said...

The poll is in Angie of Peyton's Water's blog.  She is the one who is making the lotion for her home business.  Please go here to vote:

Angie describes the fragrance as "spicy".  Everybody who smells it describes it as "spicy".  It is both spicy and calming.  She can dye it either purple or red depending on the final name.