Saturday, March 1, 2008

Val's Quiz

Come , play if you haven't already!  I'd love to see your answers!


Reactions Quiz:  Type the FIRST thing that comes to mind.

1.  Beer: Scares me
2.  McDonalds: Pretty bad & fattening mostly.
3.  Relationships: Wonderful mostly, but can be complicated!
4.  Purple: My favorite color!
5.  Power Rangers: They weren't popular when my son was young,so don't know much about them!
6.  Weed: Too often leads to other addictions, BUT should be legalized for cancer patients.
7.  Steroids: Dangerous and breaks rules!!
8.  Cartoons: Sorry, I draw a blank here.
9.  The President:
Doing best he can with a Democratic Congress!!
10. Tupperware: I always lose the lids!
11.  Florida: Yeah, it's hot (my parents lived there for several years); if we move south that's probably where we will go, Dave has a brother wintering there.)
12.  Santa Claus: Is something we make up for children!
14. Alcohol: Drink with CARE, DANGEROUS, not worth the "high."

16: MySpace:I don't know much about it, but not heard good things
17. Clowns: I hate clowns, (they are stupid to me,sorry if that sounds mean!)
19. Paris: Hilton (Actually feel sorry for her, she is not really happy.)
20. Redheads: My nephews were redheads when young. Wild and ornery, too.  My grandbaby Jack was reddish brown, but is turning blonde now.

21. Blondes:
Usually have to touch up those roots very often!!
22. Pass the: Pepper
23. One night stands: Irresponsible and done by people who drink or drug, or longely, and to me are just SAD.

24. Donald Trump: Can be mean, but IS in fact, a good father (I saw a TV show with his grown kids on it.  They had to work for every penney they got!)
25. Neverland: Michael Jackson
26. Dixie Chicks. 
They sing well but have no right to dennonce our leaders, like they did this last year.  I will never buy another Dixie Chicks CD.
27. Vanilla ice cream:
is good , the ONLY kind I like
28. Vallarta: 
29. High school: Was fun, until I had to move my Sr. Year
30. Pajamas: OH my gosh, I wish I could wear them all day long!
31. Woody: An oddball guy who was once married to Mia Farrow

32. Wet Socks: I HATE wet socks!

33. I love:
Okay, I have completed Val's quiz.  Why don't you?


seraphoflove9001 said...

I really liked this one! And I loved your answers as well! :o) You have a great day.

valphish said...

I see you have done the quiz =)!  Loved reading your answers, honey!  So, I won't buy another Dixie Chicks CD either.  I think the Pres. is out of touch, but I thought what they did was so irresponsible in a time of war, in my humble opinion.  So, PJs ARE comfy, aren't they??  LOVE YOU!!!!  Your Valkins xox

moondawghouse said...

Dixie Chicks:  Talented girls, but who gives a DAMN about their political opinions?? Shut up and sing!!!

Hey, Merry -- I didn't even know you HAD a journal!! I saved the location and will be back to see you when I can find the time.