Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 2 of Flooding

You think you will just have to deal with doing what regulations say, (No bathing, no water for coffee, that is if you can even find any right now in this town!)  I think I mentioned we have no water.  The dishwasher is full, and I don't have enough water to use to wash them anyway.  Sat. night we were busy watching Jack, and had no clue all this was going to happen, so I didn't run it or wash dishes in the sink.  OMG
One of the guys in Dave's office who lives in a small town here said we are welcome to come there and shower.  Dave may need to. I took a bath in the little bit of water (I had filled the tub yesterday AM to save to wash up with, to flush the stool with, etc.) in a kitchen Rubbermaid plastic container (actually our recycling bin. --I washed it first.)  We did have coffee this AM and not in boiled water, as I thought it was safe as we got it before they shut the water & sewage treatment plant down due to their flood damage. Now my neighbor told me they are saying that water, even boiled is not safe to brush your teeth in even. Well, this neighbor told me that if that's true Damn Mason City had a major water problem before this happened! She is right! 

Did I tell you I waded through the water yesterday (before the sewage really got bad in the laundry room) (now it's literally full of broken feces). I know, I know I am grossing you out but I want you to know the severity of our situation. I went down and brought up my iron.  Those of you who REALLY know me, I know can believe that one.
Also, after I sponge bathed (& I managed to wash my entire body in a plastic dishpan (there's not too much left of my body so that helps.  --See, being skinny IS advantageous, :)  I put on all my moisturizers and full makeup.  I didn't get to wash & fix my hair. Hey, I did this because I had to do SOMETHING, Dave will NOT let me back down in the basement.  He is home just for today.  My work will come when I sort out the multiple storage containers I have winter clothes in, extra sheets and blankets, etc.)  (In other words after the clean up.)
When I send my next update I may repeat some of this, (because I am  nervous right now) but I will be adding things to, so just read what's new and ignore what I already told you.
One neighbor who works for public health says we may not get water or be able to use even bottled water for a week.  It's sunny now, and not supposed to rain today, but more RAIN is coming again Wed, Thurs., and maybe Friday.

PS Worst case about getting evacuated like if we get more rain is that Kaycee couldn't stay with us at a shelter.  All the motels in nearby towns that are NOT effected by all this are full. I was on the phone this AM. If we are forced to leave, I will have my cell with me.  So,  if you can just pray we get to stay here and that the worst is over (we don't get MORE rain) that would mean the world to me.


madcobug said...

Sending up prayers for your safety. I pray that the rain will stop and that you have no more flooding and that you can stay right at home and be safe. Helen

jmoqueen said...

eugh at the sewage.  Oh Merry (((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) such a horrible situation to be in x