Friday, August 22, 2008

Harry & Ike, Ronnie, Georges,& Espeically John McCain!

Harry S. Truman <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

"The Buck Stops  Here."

        "It doesn't matter how big  a ranch ya' own, or how many cows ya'
brand, the size of your funeral is  still gonna  depend on the weather."
-Harry Truman.

I have never heard that before!  I loved iT!  Dave has heard it, where was I when he heard it, I wonder.  I remember when Harry Truman was president.  I think I was in kindergarten or first grade. I remember it because no one thought he'd win. My Dad's family were stanch Republicans, but even they liked Harry Truman and his unique way of saying things like they are!  Yep, I remember.
Then came Dwight Eisenhower who looked exactly like my grandfather Hills had looked. Since I didn't have many pictures of Grandfather before he got sick, I put pic's of Dwight Eisenhower all over our house.  I also remember 1976,  It was a bicentennial year. Not that I got carried away or anything, but I bought everything I could with the date 1976 on it. Glasses, coffee cups, pictures, you name it.  I still have some of that stuff.
I loved Ronald Reagan. I will always love Ronald Reagan.  He was one of those people that changed the world so much in so many ways for the better. I still miss Ronald Reagan.  I am going on & on here, I am going to copy this for my journal.  That's what journals are for is blabbing on, right? 
I liked Bill Clinton. Throw bricks at me, I don't care. I liked the person especially when he was done being our President. We visited DC in 1999, when he was in Office, it changed the way I felt about him and history and my country. Can Bill be that bad if he did all that?
I liked both George Bush's. Lotza people don't much like that. But I don't care.  They were both good men and the son a better President than his Dad, I think.  I think George Bush held our country together after 9-11.  I don't see how people can't see that.  I think he will be thrilled to go back to Crawford, Texas.
Okay, this is the end part.  I liked all of these presidents. But not a one of them did I like as much as I do John McCain.  John is my man.  I am passionate in my support of him.  So, there you have it.  I am a proud McCain Volunteer and I will be helping his campaign as election day comes closer. And on the day election is.  I will poll watch. And I will pray.  And that's all I can do. Go John Go!


preciousone25 said...

I shouldn't say this aloud for fear of tomatoes being thrown and evil trolls lurking... BUT I LIKE McCAIN TOO!!!!!  I really do!!!  He's MY man, too!!!  I loved Reagan too, he did change our world for the better.... I do NOT like Clinton, neither one of them.... but I love both George's.  


nanmm11 said...

Well, lol, I know tomatoe throwing is coming my way, lol but.... I am a staunch democrat and will vote always that way, but I will admit that out of every republican that has been in the white house, John McCain is the most liberal of them all. If by "chance" he does get in there, at least I feel comfortable that he will be a by partisan president and work with the "libbers" for a better economy. Now, let the tomatoe throwing begin! lol lol You know of course I still like and respect your views of your candidate.

chat2missie said...

You go girl!  I'm supporting John McCain too!
I also agree that both Bush presidents were awesome!  They accomplished a lot of good, but of course the media only keeps attention on the few things that are wrong.

specialadyfink said...

I echo Joann-and how I loved Reagan and yes,like you, still do and always will,and the Bush presidents and please dear Lord let McCain be our next President of these United States!!!!

ng2000news said...

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Merry'sthoughtshopesdreamsandshemes said...

I was all set to be a "Tim Pawlenty Fan, and boom, he pulled out. Sigh. Now what? Not Herman Cain!! Gotta find a Good Republican. Sorry Obama, one term is enough, it's our turn now. I guess I pick Mitt Romney, but it kind of bothers me that he had illegals doing his lawn. I don't like any of the others, though and so I must make a choice and try to get him in the White House. John, why can't you run again?