Monday, June 26, 2006

Even more good news

I am undating even more here!
Tim said that they want to have children!  Imagine!  I am like in shock.  I didn't know that such a good thing like this  still could /would really happen.  I totally feel like my life has changed for the better, and now I will  have a daughter in law in the future.  I have a lot of love to give!   They did not want to live together without a commitment of marriage. Oh dear, God, thank you for making my son the man he is and for making sure he found the right girl. It was worth waiting 42 yr. for this!  Whoops, sorry it is actually 43 now!
I love ya, Hey, I love the world now!
PS And do you know this girl works, cares for her  family (mom, aunt, grandmother, etc, cares for Tim, works full time, cleans her own place, Tim's place, even does dishes by hand!  Wow.  I did not know they made girls like that anymore.  Aren't I silly?
Are you glad that I am silly?

I am so excited and nervous, but it's a happy nervous.

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yankeygr said...

Bless you, my Friend! I'm so happy for you, that if we lived closer, I'd hug you so hard that you'd probably yell at me to stop! You get the idea, though? You raised a wonderful young man, my Friend!    Rhonda