Monday, June 26, 2006


I am just updating a bit here.

Our 43 year old Tim called me last Wednesday.   He proposed to Patti last night and she said yes!  He doesn't know how soon they will be married, but doesn't think it will be too long.  He said I was the first person he told!
I ask if they would elope?  No way he said.  I asked if it would be real small (as Patti has been married before for 8 yr.).  He said, he th ought it would be sort of small, but at this point did not know for sure.
She will probably give up her apt. soon, unless  they decide to sell Tim's house.  Tim's house is super tiny, and Patti wouldn't mind living there for a while but she wants them to have a place that they both pick out for their new life together and I totally understand that.
Oh my God, is being the groom's parents hard?  Can I do this?  I just bawl thinking about it, I get so emotional.  Even Tim started to cry when he was telling me!  (That touched my heart.)  I don't know how I'll get through planning a wedding!  I don't know how to do a wedding!!  How the hell does a person do that?.  Holy cow!  I am like excited and scared at the same time.  
Tim proposed to her at his house, he even got down on his knees to do it. Isn't that sweet?  Patti loves the ring!
PS I am glad that Tim is more sentimental like me, rather than like Dave about things like this!  I love that he is romantic!   Dave is many wonderful things but romance is not one of them.  LOL


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yankeygr said...

giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle! Oh well, romance isnt everything. Greg is to romantic! Sometimes he drives me crazy. I think its because I'm not that romantic. I try, but usually fail miserably.