Monday, October 9, 2006


Hi everyone!

I just want to pose a silly question and see what I get for answers. If you could have one new animal right now, what would you choose?  And why would you choose that kind (breed)?

Let me know....

I will tell you tomorrow what I would choose!

God Bless and Good wishes to all!



stormie4851 said...

What a leading question...........hahaha.  Although I have many more cats than I could ever want, I would have to say.........duh......another cat.  But it would be a seal point siamese because they are the ones that really grab my heart, nothing can beat a "meezer"..............Stormie

yankeygr said...

Although I already have a Chihuahua, I'm sure that I would want another one. I love this breed!
Now, why do you ask this question?
Love, Rhonda

rebuketheworld said...

A wolf....or a dog/wolf....I want an animal that can kick some serious butt if I was out in the woods somewhere.....So,,,I need a protector or until my Superman comes


nanmm11 said...

It would be a "Lab" as my golden sheds and sheds his hair.

seraphoflove9001 said...

A black female lab! Because thats what we have always gotten, and love them so much! :o)

sassydee50 said...

I would choose a pygmy goat if the city allowed it! Sassy ;-)