Sunday, October 29, 2006

Word Play (colors)

Word Play! 

Our friend Val asked me about the colors I like and how they make me feel.  So, here goes! Usually I  like Blue tones. I agree with Val that blue tones, are calming, soothing.  But I have also read that blue can be depressing.  I once had an all blue living room, including carpeting,  I loved it at first but it got to be too much blue!  I think of the ocean and the lake I grew up swimming in when I think of blue.  I also like lime green, especially in the summertime, I love this color.  I like I think I look good in bright colors, whereas the pale ones wash me out.I like beige for my main color scheme in my house.  Oak floors, oak  cabinets, end tables, and oak dining room furniture. Our living room is beige tweed furniture with beige throw rugs. (Oak floors)   I have one brown leather chair in there but the rest is beige with blue accessories in the living room. I love red, especially on other people.  I once had a red coat, and I felt pretty every time I wore that coat.  But if I had to pick one favorite color, it would be purple!!  I guess, whether it's good or bad, I like to be noticed.  If I think I look nice, I am not shy about "showing off." I also have a pink, lavender, & white patchwork quilt on our king size bed, and pink and burgundy rugs in there.  It might not sound pretty, but it is!  Okay, I  admit, it's the little girl in me that insisted on pink.  The other upstairs bedroom is varying shades of green. Okay kids, I got way too verbal and too long here, but that's kind of just how I am.  I'd love to hear about the colors you like and why you like them!  Have a purple and red week everyone!  Love to all, Merry

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my78novata said...

yellow happens to be my favorite color and makes me very happy

rebuketheworld said...

Funny...but I really am partial to violet now..used to love pink...then red..then white...but love steel gray.......gray is soothing to me....but violet is the only color I feel good in to wear...-Raven

nanmm11 said...

I tend to stay in clothing anyway with the neutral shades like beige,brown,camel but I do love black as a color for clothing as well. In my home I have yellow on the walls in the kitchen as it makes me happy. In my living room there are all neutral colors to mix with the oak wood on the walls. In my bedroom I have a southwestern color of clay on the walls to match the decor of southwestern wall hangings and in my computer/tv room I have mauve on the walls. I kinda like different colors for different moods in different rooms. lol

sassydee50 said...

Hi Merry~Good job on this entry! My fav color is purple. That quilt on your bed sounds pretty. Are you expecting many trick-or- treaters? Blessings, Sassy ;-)