Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Dog Named Bone Bone

This is a GREAT Petwarmers story.  Sorry, warning:  It's sad.

You'll not forget it.



by Roger Dean Kiser

      I had wanted my orphan brother Wayne to write a story about his relationship with his dog Bone-Bone.
      But I think asking him to do that was just too painful.  So I thought I would tell the story from my point of view.
      I have to admit that Wayne and I, after being raised in a very abusive orphanage in Jacksonville, Florida, did not turn out to be the most loving individuals on the face of this earth.
      No one seems to be able to stay married to people like us who find it very difficult to love or show affection.
      Not only that, but Bobby Wayne Evers is not the easiest person to befriend.  He is rather an unusual character.  When it comes to people, they must always prove to him that they are trustworthy
before he will allow them even the slightest chance of becoming friends of his.  And yet, I have never known anyone who has a bigger heart of gold when it comes to children and animals.
      I attribute that to the fact that most abused children find it very hard to trust people, mainly because of the fear of being hurt and then abandoned again.  The pain and hurt are just not worth the chance of loving anyone.
      However, I can honestly say that I have never known anyone on the face of this earth who loved their dog more than Wayne did.
      Bobby Wayne gave his dog the best of everything.  He would even go without food himself if that is what it took to feed his best friend.  That is how much love there was between the two of them.
      One night he telephoned and told me that Bone Bone had liver cancer.  I knew that this would be one of the most horrible experiences of his life.
      Wayne had earlier made me promise that if he died before his dog that I would make sure that the two of them would one day be buried together.
      Wayne did his bestto try and hold himself together.  For five days he went deeply into debt trying to save, not only his best friend, but the love of his life.
      I sat on the telephone for hours as Wayne lay on his bed, Bone Bone cuddled in his arms, crying as he waited for the inevitable.
      It tore out my heart to hear him cry and suffer.  Even the beatings and abuse that Wayne suffered in the orphanage could not come close to the pain and agony I heard coming from my brother during those few days.
      After Bone Bone died, Wayne hand built a casket -- a casket fit or a king.  Then he and his son buried his best friend in the backyard so he could see his grave from the kitchen window, every
morning and every evening.
      Every evening since Bone Bone's death, Wayne walks out to the grave and brushes off the headstone with his favorite painter's paint
brush and then he sits down on a small plastic bucket and talks with his best friend.
      They say that love is a combination of many things. I know there must be a heart, a soul, a brain, tissue and bone.
However, in Wayne's case it was a very big heart, a very big soul, a brain, tissue and bone bone.

       -- Roger Dean Kiser  <trampolineone @>

Roger is well known among Heartwarmer and Petwarmer fans as he
continues to touch the hearts and minds of folks all over the world.
If you are interested in reaching out to his friend, Bobby Wayne
Evers, you can email him by clicking here:

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