Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Miracle with Kaite!

Credit for this again goes to Petwarmers.com.  (No, I don't use every one they print though it may seem so.  Lately they have just had so many good ones!)  I hope you enjoy this.

Love to all,


by B.J. Cassady

      My Irish-Setter mix, Katie, the first dog of my three dog household, started to get ill this summer.
      My vet said she had tick fever and prescribed the medicine for
the illness.  However, she started to fade.
      I became alarmed because she is a young dog, about three and a
half years old. and we took her in within hours of noticing her
      I asked my wife to take her to the Oklahoma State University
Animal Husbandry Clinic, which is considered the best in the state.
They noticed a golf ball sized growth close to her spine.  Her weight had fallen from 33 to 23 lbs. in just three weeks.
      The hard news of cancer loomed.  Costs of tests would be about $1,000.  To remove the growth would be another $1000 if it was not
cancer.  The growth had already weakened the L4 and L5 bones.  This seemed so technical... Katie...
      During an ice storm, I fell outside and she came to my side and stood beside me and allowed me to use her to help myself up.  Then she walked me to the house.  When I would cut myself she would lick my wound.  If my wrist hurt, she would somehow 'know' and lick it.
She and I had a connection that I have never had with any animal.
      We communicated at some level.  I could understand her different barks and whines.  Once she had a panic bark and I found her with a curtain cord around her neck.  I unwrapped it for her and was a grateful dog.
      She loves to go to garage sales.  She would peek on the tables and pick out a stuffed bear and carry it in her mouth and I would pay for it.  She never tears themup.  We would play catch with it and later she would toss itin the air and she would play by herself.
      Wednesday they said they would phone me so I could be there if they had to put her down.  I wanted to hold her.
      The growth now was the size of a softball.  I was warned not to
get my hopes up.  The previous Sunday I took my dogs to a
professional photographer in case something happened.  I wanted memories.... Katie...
      The call came at 4pm.
      They had never seen anything like it. 
The growth was gone!
      Katie had removed the growth herself.  Yes, there was a lot of
blood and poison, but she peared to be fine.  She could come home
the next day after they cleaned up and bandaged the wound.
      When I arrived home from work the next day, Katie met me at the door.  She hugged me with her neck.  Her eyes glowed.  She lived!  A miracle had happened.
      I had prayed every day for Mercy, for Grace.
      Thank you, Lord.

           -- B. J. Cassady    <cassadys @ earthlink.net>

B. J. is a Stephen Minister and ISD professional from Guthrie,
Oklahoma.  A disabled Vietnam vet, B.J. enjoys giving back to the
world with his writings and is putting together a CD audio collection
of his best writings. 


nanmm11 said...

I think animals have a unique understanding of love and the power of it better than humans at times. Hooray for Katie  xxxooo

rebuketheworld said...

Boy, I wasnt sure how this was going to end. I was teared up halfway. I am glad this story ended up happy. I can understand why you picked it out. I was moved by it too. ~Raven

memes121 said...

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